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You will find below the full weekly program of Classes currently being taught by Freestyle Instructor and UK Fitness Presenter John Cuthill. Further down the page you will find all the class descriptions, a full profile of John Cuthill . John is currently continuing to build his NEW class program for 2014 in Edinburgh and West Lothian which will include the new ZUMBA class which has exploded in the last 18 months. Check this page regularly throughout the year for his up to date program.
Fitness Class Express" Pay as you go Classes
John has successfully launched his new company called "Fitness Class Express" which takes him back to the time when he got started in the Fitness Class business when he hired a large number of halls all over the area for fitness classes.
John still has great memories and is now going back and hiring halls  as he still sees classes in the community as being an area that is popular with the public who don't want to pay monthly memberships for the Clubs, but
prefer pay as you go classes.
                                                                        John Cuthill Weekly Class Program

John Cuthill Profile

Director of the SFO-UK and Scottish Fitness Organisation John has over 20 years experience teaching classes and as a Course Tutor and Fitness Presenter. His high energy and motivational skills mixed with creative Aerobic routines ensure his sessions always inspire and provide amazing fitness results.
John is a highly qualified fitness professional who has a B.ed Honours Degree in Physical Education as well as many top Aerobic qualifications. He is one of the most versatile Instructors around and is currently teaching twelve different classes in the same week, including Aerobics, Step, LBT, Aqua, Spin Cycling, Cardio Fight, Circuits, Body Sculpt. Details are below.
John was based at Marcos Leisure Centre in Edinburgh but is now based in Livingston, and is continuing with his successful career which began with a large and successful Hall Hire class business teaching classes and progressing to teaching in most of the main Clubs in and around Edinburgh including Marcos, the Centre for Sport and Exercise, LA Fitness, David Lloyd Club, Esporta, Bannatynes Livingston and the Edinburgh Club, as well as Leisure Centres including Meadowbank, Craiglockart, Kirkliston and Linlithgow. John also has a successful track record as a PERSONAL TRAINER. Details will soon be further down this page.


Fitness Classes taught by John Cuthill

This class has absolutely exploded with the general public in the last year and John brings his special talents to teach an amazing ZUMBA class which will apeal to all levels of fitness including those who have not exercised for a while. ZUMBA is a mix of many dance styles with the emphasis being on the Latin rythms and it is very much a party atmosphere. You will quickly forget that you are in a fitness class and instead feel that you have come to a night out of dance and entertainment.

Aerobics LBT
This class has everything with 25 minute easy to follow Aerobic session followed by toning of the lower body, including Thighs, butts and Abs for the complete fitness class session

Aero Salsa
An amazing combination of Aerobic and Salsa moves in one class creating the ultimate fitness dance experience. This class will have you moving and grooving to Latin music and rythms like you never thought you could, creating the hottest and funkiest cardiovascular and fat burning session on the planet.

HiLo Aerobics
A high energy fat burning class which is guaranteed to wake you up and will blast your body into shape with 50 minutes of storming Fat burning Aerobics keeping you in the zone and Abdominal toning to finish off the session.

A full FREESTYLE BODY PUMP style class using Barbell and Dumbell weights for amazing muscular shape and tone. This Weights only class works all the major muscles of the upper and lower body as well as the abdominals. It is suitable for both men and women.

NRG Step
A fun Step session that will get your heart soaring and feet stomping combining traditional Step patterns and adding rythm and direction changes for a truly exciting Hot Step session.

A free flowing High Energy but Non Impact water based Aerobic and toning session moving all over the pool and using Noodles, Dumbells and floats.

Spin Fit
An inspirational and motivational All Terrain Cycle session over hills and valleys using all aspects of the bike, with heart pumping music, lots of sprints and steep hill climbs that will inspire you to new levels of fitness.

Cardio Fight
Get fit with this fusion of Martial Arts, Kick Box, Boxing and Aerobics moves with awesome motivational music which will send your heart racing, burn fat and give you an amazing high.

Legs, Bums & Tums
An inspiring HiLo Aerobic session full of Hot Combinations followed by both modern and traditional toning exercises to tone all muscles of the lower body including Butts, Hips, Thighs and Abdominals.

The ultimate Weights and Cardio class giving amazing fitness results. This is a FREESTYLE BODY PUMP style strength and toning session with added kick mixing Barbell and Dumbell weights sets with Aerobic and Circuit elements for amazing muscular shape, tone and weight loss. It is suitable for both women and men.

Hip Hop Aerobics
An energetic basic funky Hip Hop Fitness Class with R&B music to get your feet moving into the weekend with dance moves fused with Aerobic combinations to get your heart racing.

Body Sculpt
Awesome all over toning using a combination of Steps, Bars and Body resistance plus a little movement around the hall for the ultimate toning wotkout which promotes fat burning and all over muscular toning.