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SFO-UK presents its full program of High Quality CPD Courses    
Welcome to the SFO-UK and Scottish Fitness Organisation Courses program. We offer Studio Biking, Aquarobics, Aero Step, Danze Fitness, Studio Weights, Cardio Fight and Studio Circuits courses as well as a number of NEW COURSES, including the DAN-ZA COURSES Aqua Dan-za, Salsa Dan-za and Street Dan-za, as well as Studio Toning, which are all listed further down this page. .A full and ongoing program of courses for 2014 is listed below, ensuring an ACTION PACKED year. Keep checking  out the dates regularly as more dates will be added throughout the year as soon as they are organised and confirmed. We would also welcome contact from individuals or Clubs anywhere in Scotland or the UK with regard to organising any of our courses in your area or Centre. REGISTER YOUR INTEREST NOW!!  WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU. All Course descriptions and content can be found by clicking the tabs further down this page..
We will also have details of NEW workshops for 2014 which will be launched  very soon.

                                                                         Upcoming Course Dates for 2014



SFO-UK Course History

The SFO-UK and Scottish Fitness Organisation has been delivering Courses of the highest quality to Instructors all over Scotland since 1995 and are continuing to be up to date with Instructors needs by offering FREESTYLE Courses instructors actually want and need and cannot get from other training organisations.
All SFO-UK Courses are the best on the market in the UK as they not only cover theoretical aspects of fitness but also covers the practical side of the class to train Instructors in a way that they are confident to go from the Course and actually be able to teach the new class that they have learned, and gained enough moves and routines to be able to do this.
All SFO-UK Courses are of the highest quality. Many of them such as Step, Spinning, Aquarobics, Cardio Fight, Studio Weights were originally designed by top English Presenters in the Aerobics and Fitness Organisation of Great Britain (AFOGB), in particular Dawn Marie Wedlock, and they have all been updated and upgraded by SFO-UK director John Cuthill. Also popular Courses Hip Hop Street Aerobics and Aero Salsa were created, designed and recently updated and improved by International Presenter Marcos Fonseca which gives them complete credibility in the fitness industry given Marcos's reputation around the world and in particular Spain.
The SFO-UK and Scottish Fitness Organisation have a highly qualified and talented team of tutors who have been instructing Courses for many years. They all have one thing in common, which the SFO-UK  insists upon from its tutors, which is that they are all still teaching many classes on a regular basis, so they are continuing to keep up with they latest techniques on a practical basis and not just on the administritive and assessing side as in other Organisations. Because our tutors are also high quality active Instructors they can give much more help, information and moves / combinations. They know what works and what doesnt as they have experienced it themselves on a weekly basis. You will find below a brief summary of our tutors qualifications and recent achievements.

Courses instructed by SFO-UK Tutors 


John Cuthill

John has a B.ed Honours degree in Physical Education and AFOGB National Tutor Certification in 1995. He has since been tutoring a full programme of high quality fitness Courses all over Scotland. John is also a fully qualified A1 assessor and is also a full time Freestyle Aerobics Instructor and has presented many masterclasses around Scotland including HiLo Explosion at Catrine in Ayrshire, NRG Step at Glasgow University, Hip Hop Street at the JJB Clubs in Dundee and Aberdeen, and Studio Biking at the Clubs all over Scotland. He also presented Rocky Mountain Spin and Powerpump at the Scottish Fitness Party in 2006, HiLo Thriller and Box & Fight in 2007, Pump it Up Hi&Lo and Aqua Power in 2008, and Burn it Up Hi&Lo and Prize Cardio Fighter in 2009. He also successfully presented Hilo, Step and Cardio Fight in 2004 on the Latin Scot tour with Marcos Fonseca.
Marcos Fonseca

A Brazilian graduate in Physical Education and a dancer from childhood Marcos has specialised in the industry of Aerobics and Fitness for over 20 years. he became an ambassador of Fitness teaching Funk, Hip Hop and Latin sessions due to his amazing teaching technique and the dynamic rythm that crosses his veins. He has from the early 90's presented masterclasses and workshops  at Conventions all over the world including Brazil, Spain, throughout the American continent, Europe, Australia, Africa and more recently around Asia in 2005. Marcos is also choreography creator and senior master trainer for the new updated and redesigned SFO-UK Hip Hop Street Instructor and Aero Salsa fitness Courses which were launched in 2003 all over Britain, and will be a regular presenter at SFO-UK Courses and Events in the future.
Jane Jamieson

A senior member of the team Jane has been involved with SFO-UK and the Scottish Fitness Organisation since 2001. She has helped to co-ordinate all five SFO Scottish Fitness Party Fitness Conventions and has also since 2005 been an assessor and tutor with the SFO-UK Course program, in particular the Studio Biking Course where she has tutored and assessed students in both practical and theory elements. She has also made a significant contribution all SFO-UK manuals, particularly our Studio Biking manual, and has also completed her A1 Assessor Award.