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            Welcome to the SFO-UK Studio Biking Web Page

Welcome to the SFO-UK Studio Biking Web Page where you will find all the details of our high quality Studio Biking Course which we have run all over the UK and Scotland, as far north as Inverness and Aberdeen and South to Sheffield. This Course has been going down a storm over the last year with SFO-UK Director and tutor John Cuthill  running the course for many of the big clubs and many Regional Councils around UK. The course in 2011 has been updated and upgraded so it is even better now with more variations of the core moves without risking safety. So it is suitable for the more experienced Biking Instructor who wants new ideas, as well as those who want to be able to teach Studio Biking for the first time.
There are many different types of Biking course, from the Spinning session which is taught with alot of visualisation and the music in the background to RPM which has a small number of long tracks. What makes Studio Biking different is that we teach students how to create tracks by using the beats, rythms, verse/chorus and the lyrics of the music, and to use shorter and more tracks for variation. For more details about this course and to to enquire about upcoming course dates contact John Cuthill now.